Springtime Kitty Enamel Bowl

Springtime Kitty Enamel Bowl - Happy Little Kitty
Springtime Kitty Enamel Bowl - Happy Little Kitty

Springtime Kitty Enamel Bowl

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Body: 100% coated lightweight stainless steel
Lid: 100% translucent plastic
Anti-slip rubber bottom
Dishwasher Safe
Available in 3 sizes: 20oz (0.59 l); 30oz (0.88 l); 40oz (1.18 l)

Introducing the Springtime Kitty Enamel Bowl! Prepare for a burst of enchantment and whimsy as we unleash the charm and grace of our feline friends onto your dining experience. This bowl is perfect for cat lovers and nature enthusiasts alike, combining a delightful blend of adorability and springtime enchantment. With its captivating design, every meal becomes a moment of joy and tranquility.

The white background provides a clean canvas for our delightful tan cartoon kitty heads. These cheerful little faces will greet you with their wide eyes and cute whiskers, creating an instant connection between you and your furry friends. Surrounding these charming kitties are hand-drawn sketches of cartoon flowers and leaves, bringing the beauty of nature right into your home.

But don't be fooled by its captivating aesthetics alone, this enamel bowl is not just a pretty face! We've engineered it to perfection using only high-quality materials to ensure both durability and functionality. Crafted from 100% coated lightweight stainless steel, the body of the bowl remains sturdy while still being easy to handle. The lid, made from 100% translucent plastic, allows you to conveniently store and transport your favorite meals without any spills or leaks.

Worried about slippery surfaces? Fear not! Our Springtime Kitty Enamel Bowl comes with an anti-slip rubber bottom, providing stability and preventing accidental slips and spills. So go ahead, place it on any surface with confidence and dine in peace.

Clean-up becomes a breeze with this bowl's dishwasher-safe feature. No more tedious scrubbing or worrying about damaging its delicate design. Simply pop it in the dishwasher, lean back, and relax while this bowl effortlessly regains its pristine beauty, ready for your next delightful meal.

We understand that our customers have different needs and preferences when it comes to portion size. That's why our Springtime Kitty Enamel Bowl is available in three sizes to cater to every appetite. Whether you prefer a dainty 20oz (0.59 liters), a hearty 30oz (0.88 liters), or an epic 40oz (1.18 liters) portion, we've got you covered.

So why settle for a mundane dining experience when you can have a delightful one? Elevate your meals with the Springtime Kitty Enamel Bowl - the perfect blend of feline charm, floral whimsy, and unmatched functionality. Let every scoop and every bite be a moment of sheer joy and enchantment. Order your own piece of kitty paradise today and indulge in a dining experience like no other!
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