Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle, 9oz

Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle, 9oz - Happy Little Kitty
Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle, 9oz - Happy Little Kitty
Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle, 9oz - Happy Little Kitty
Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle, 9oz - Happy Little Kitty

Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle, 9oz

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Light Up Your Christmas with our Ho Ho Ho-ing Santa Cat: The Adorable Scented Soy Candle in a Glass Jar

Introducing the Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle, the purr-fect holiday companion that will fill your space with cozy vibes and adorable charm! This scented soy candle is encased in a delightful glass jar and features a whimsical cartoon cat wearing a jolly santa hat on the front. Get ready to be whisked away into a world of festive cheer, coziness, and feline cuteness!

Have you ever wanted to bring the joy of the holiday season right into your home? Well, look no further, because Ho Ho Ho Kitty is here to spread the holiday spirit with every flicker of its flame. Light up this little feline friend, and watch as your space magically transforms into a winter wonderland, filled with the scent of pure bliss.

The Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle is not just a unique piece of home decor, but also a whimsical reminder to embrace the spirit of the holiday season. Imagine gathering around the table for a delicious feast, with this adorable kitty silently whispering "ho ho ho" from its perch. Your guests won't be able to resist the charm and will instantly feel at home, wrapped in the warm embrace of this delightful little scented companion.

Crafted with love and care, this scented soy candle ensures a clean and eco-friendly burning experience that you can feel good about. Our commitment to using premium soy wax not only provides a longer burn time but also ensures that no harmful chemicals are released into the air. So, you can enjoy the ethereal glow, the delightful scent, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are making a sustainable choice.

The Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle also makes for an irresistible gift for your holiday-loving friends and family. Whether it's a Secret Santa surprise or simply a token of appreciation, this charming candle will bring warmth and joy to their hearts. And with its playful design, it's bound to be a conversation starter at any gathering – because who can resist cute kitties and the magic of the holiday season?

So, why wait? Embrace the holiday cheer and cuddle up with the Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle. Let the enchanting scent fill your space, as your heart fills with joy. Don't miss out on this whimsical holiday experience – order your very own Ho Ho Ho Kitty Scented Candle today and get ready to say, "Meowy Christmas!"

Size: 3.5" x 2.75"
Hand-poured vegan soy coconut wax
Average burn time - 50 hours
Permanent adhesive label
Comes in a glass container
  • This item ships free within the US!
  • Custom made especially for you in the USA
  • By creating each item individually upon order, we minimize waste and promote sustainable choices. Thank you for embracing conscious shopping!
  • Bulk Orders Available

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