How to Train Your Cat To Love Their Harness

You've got your harness, you know why it's important, now the question is how do you get your cat to love wearing it? It's not always easy - cats are very independent creatures, and sometimes it takes a bit of patience and creativity to get them used to new things. But don't worry, we've got some tips for you!

How to Train Your Cat To Love Their Harness

Start Slow - Put The Harness On Without Taking Your Cat Out

When it comes to getting your kitty used to their harness, start slow. Let your cat sniff the harness and investigate it before putting it on them. This will help them become familiar with the new object and make the process easier. Once they're comfortable around the harness, put it on without attaching any leash. This will let them get used to the feeling of being in a harness without having to venture outside. Make sure you reward your cat with treats or verbal praise when they wear the harness as an added incentive!

Take Baby Steps When Going Outdoors

Once your cat is comfortable wearing their harness indoors, begin taking baby steps towards taking them outdoors. Start by taking short trips in your backyard or nearby park so that they can gradually adjust to their new environment while still feeling safe in their own space. Take frequent breaks and use lots of positive reinforcement during this stage; treats, petting, verbal praise - anything that makes them feel safe and secure.

Over Time, Increase The Distance Of Your Walks

As your kitty becomes more comfortable with their harness and being outdoors, begin increasing the distance of each walk a little at a time. Introduce different areas like parks or sidewalks for variety and give plenty of rewards as you go along; this will help them become accustomed to these new environments faster. Always be mindful of their reactions; if they seem uncomfortable or scared at any point during the walk, take a break until they feel ready again. 

Training your cat to use a harness doesn't have to be difficult! With patience and plenty of positive reinforcement (and treats!), you'll have your furry friend walking confidently in no time! Remember that cats are independent creatures who need plenty of time and encouragement as they adjust to something new - but with enough dedication from both you and your kitty, there's no reason why they won't learn how to love their harness in no time!

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