Cat Training 101: How to Get Your Cat Used to Wearing a Harness

If you’ve ever wanted to take your cat on outdoor adventures, you may have thought about purchasing a harness. But cats are notoriously independent creatures and might not be too happy with the idea of being tethered to you. With patience and consistency, however, you can train your cat to wear a harness in no time. Here’s how!

Cat Training 101: How to Get Your Cat Used to Wearing a Harness

Step One: Familiarize Your Cat With the Harness

It is extremely important that your cat gets used to the idea of wearing a harness before actually putting it on them. So, start by letting them sniff, lick, or even chew on the harness. You can also try using treats as a reward for allowing the harness near them. This will help them become more comfortable with it and make it easier for you when it’s time to put it on them.

Step Two: Introduce The Harness Little By Little

Once your cat has become familiar with their harness, introduce it slowly and gradually into their life. Start by simply placing the open harness around your cat while they eat their meals or give them treats while they’re wearing it. You should also try lightly tugging at the leash while they wear it so they get used to feeling pressure on their neck or shoulders (depending on which type of harness they’re wearing). Finally, put the leash in front of them so they get used to seeing something attached to their body that isn’t food or toys.

Step Three: Put On The Harness For A Few Minutes At A Time

When your cat has become comfortable with all of these steps, you can finally start putting the full harness onto them for short periods of time each day—no more than five minutes at first. Make sure this happens inside so there are no distractions from other animals or people outside that could cause anxiety for your pet. As always, make sure you provide plenty of treats and positive reinforcement during this time as well!

Training your cat to wear a harness takes patience and consistency but is worth taking the time for if you want to take your furry friends outdoors without worrying about escape attempts! Just remember that cats are creatures of habit and need lots of positive reinforcement during this process; luckily there are plenty of resources out there that can help if you find yourself stuck or frustrated along the way! With enough patience and care, soon enough both you and your feline friend will be ready for all kinds of outdoor adventures together! Good luck!

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