Why Does My Cat Always Lay Where I’m Trying To Work?

Have you ever wondered why your cat is always laying in the exact spot you are trying to work? Maybe it's a desk, kitchen counter, or even just the arm of the couch. It's like they have a sixth sense for when you most need some kitty cuddles! Well, there are a few reasons cats find their way into our workspaces. Let’s explore a few of them below.

Why Does My Cat Always Lay Where I’m Trying To Work?

Cats Love Comfort and Security

Cats love warmth and comfort, so if your workspace is cozy and inviting, chances are your cat will find it irresistible! A nice comfy blanket or perhaps an electric heating pad can do wonders for drawing cats to certain spots. Cats also instinctively seek out places they feel safe and secure. If your workspace provides privacy from other animals or children in the house, that could be another reason why cats love spending time there.

Cats Show Affection Through Cuddling
Cats show affection by cuddling up with their humans, and your workspace might be one of the only peaceful spaces in the house where they can do this without interruption. Cats also respond to scents; they recognize their humans through scent and associate it with safety and security. So if you've spent a lot of time working in one spot, chances are your cat will come back to that same spot over and over again because it smells like home!

Cats Need Attention Too!
Another reason why cats gravitate towards our workspaces is because we are often busy doing something else (like working!) which means we won't give our furry friends as much attention as usual. Cats crave attention like any other pet; if they're not getting enough attention from us then they'll find ways to get our attention - like lounging on top of our keyboards! That's why it's important to set aside at least 10-15 minutes each day to give your cat some loving attention; otherwise they'll start looking for it elsewhere!

At the end of the day, cats come into our workspaces because they want some quality time with their favorite person - you! They also need comfort, security and lots of love too - all things we can provide them with during those brief moments when we're not so busy working away at our desks. So next time you see your cat lounging on top of your keyboard while you're trying to type away, take a moment out of your day to give them some much-needed cuddles instead - after all, that's what makes us both happy!

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