The Importance of Cat Vaccines

We all want what's best for our feline friends, and part of being a responsible cat owner is making sure they're up-to-date on their vaccinations. Vaccinations help protect cats from contagious diseases, some of which can be deadly. Let's look at why vaccines are important for cats and how often they need to be vaccinated.

The Importance of Cat Vaccines

Why Are Cat Vaccines Important?
Vaccines help prepare a cat's immune system to fight off infection from viruses, bacteria, and other disease-causing organisms. When a cat is exposed to one of these organisms, their immune system produces antibodies to fight the infection. The next time the cat is exposed to the same organism, their immune system is able to recognize it and mount a more effective defense against it. This is why it's important for cats to be vaccinated against common diseases like rabies and distemper.

How Often Do Cats Need to Be Vaccinated?
Cats need booster shots every one to three years depending on their age, health, lifestyle, and risk of exposure to disease. Kittens should receive a series of vaccinations starting at around six weeks of age. Your veterinarian can develop a vaccination schedule that's right for your cat based on these factors.

Vaccinating your cat is one of the best things you can do to keep them healthy and safe, so be sure to contact your veterinarian today!

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