Make Your New Cat Feel Right at Home

Adding a new furry friend to the family is an exciting experience. But while your feline may be eager to explore their new home, introducing them to an already existing cat can seem daunting. To make sure that everything goes smoothly and your cats get along with each other, it's important to do things right. Read on for our simple guide on how to introduce a new cat into the home! 

Make Your New Cat Feel Right at Home

1: Prepare the Space 

Before bringing your new kitty home, make sure you’ve created a comfortable space for them to settle into. Set up a litter box and food bowl in a separate room from the resident cat. You’ll also want to make sure that both cats have their own bedding and toys so they don’t have to fight over who gets what. If they do need to share, try getting two of the same items instead of one – this way, no feelings will be hurt! 

2: Slow and Steady Wins the Race 

When it comes time for introductions, remember that slow and steady wins the race! Start by placing your cats in separate rooms with closed doors. Let them sniff underneath the door or through any cracks – this allows them both to become familiar with each other’s scent without having direct contact yet. Once they are used to this scent swap, give them supervised time together in neutral territory like the living room or bathroom – but still keep them separated by using baby gates or keeping one cat in their carrier during these meetups. With enough patience and positive reinforcement (treats always work!), you should find that your cats warm up to each other quickly!  

3: Keeping Up Appearances 

It’s important to keep up appearances when introducing a new cat into your home. Try not to give too much attention or affection exclusively towards one kitty as this could create tension between them both. And speaking of tension - if you notice either of your cats showing signs of aggression (hissing, growling, swatting) then separate them immediately and start again from square one! It may take some time before they are fully comfortable around each other - but just remember that every effort counts towards helping them become fast friends…or at least roommates who can tolerate each other peacefully!  

Introducing a new cat into an already existing household can be stressful - but it doesn't have to be! By creating separate spaces for each kitty, introducing them slowly but surely over time in neutral areas, and making sure all pets are getting equal attention - adding another fur ball should go relatively smooth sailing! With patience and lots of love for both kitties involved - you should soon find yourself with two happy cats that are content living together under one roof...just don't forget about those treats we mentioned earlier! Happy cuddling everyone!

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