Keeping Your Cat's Teeth Out of Trouble

Cats are notorious for chewing on things they're not supposed to. Whether it’s furniture, curtains, or wires, cats have a knack for getting their claws and teeth into anything they can get their paws on. If you’ve ever had a cat that liked to chew on things they weren’t supposed to, then you know how frustrating this can be. But fear not – there are ways to keep your cat's teeth out of trouble!

Keeping Your Cat's Teeth Out of Trouble

Provide an Alternative

One way to stop cats from chewing on things is to provide them with an alternative item that is safe for them to chew on. This could include buying a scratching post or providing toys that are specifically designed for cats. You can also buy toys that contain catnip in order to entice your furry friend even more. Toys that make noise or move around may also help keep your cat distracted from chewing on forbidden items.

Redirect Their Attention

When you catch your cat in the act of chewing something they shouldn't be, it's important to redirect their attention immediately. Try clapping your hands, shaking a can filled with coins, or making another loud noise in order to snap them out of their bad habit before they have time to do any real damage. Once they've stopped chewing and looked up at you, redirect their attention by giving them one of the safe toys you've provided earlier and praising them when they start playing with it instead of the forbidden item.


The best way to prevent cats from chewing on things they shouldn't is simply through supervision and vigilance. Never leave items lying around if you know your pet has a tendency towards destructive behavior as this will only encourage them further down the wrong path. Additionally, try not to give into those big eyes asking for treats - some treats can contain ingredients that can be harmful if ingested by cats! 

Stopping cats from chewing on things is never easy but it is possible with a bit of patience and dedication! By providing an alternative, redirecting their attention when needed, and keeping a close eye on what items are left lying around, you should be able to keep your furry friend from getting into any more trouble than necessary! After all - nobody likes having chewed up furniture or wires lying around the house!

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