Keeping Your Cats Away From That Couch!

No one wants to come home and find their favorite couch covered in scratches. But if you have cats, it can seem like they’re determined to make your furniture a scratching post! Don’t worry—there are ways to keep them away from the furniture without having to resort to punishing your pet. Read on for some tips on how to keep cats out of the furniture game.

Keeping Your Cats Away From That Couch!

Provide Alternatives
Cats love scratching things, so try giving them something more appropriate than the couch. Cat trees, scratching posts, and even cardboard scratchers can all be great alternatives for when your cat is feeling feisty. Investing in these items may cost a bit of money up front, but it will save you from having to buy new furniture down the line. Plus, most cats love having something that’s just theirs! Try setting up a few near the couch and see if that helps.

Keep It Trimmed
If your cat is drawn to scratch certain areas of the furniture often, try trimming those areas with a pair of scissors or nail clippers. This won't harm your cat since the fur typically grows back quickly, but it might make certain spots less appealing for scratching by removing excess fur or fuzziness that cats find attractive.

Enforce Boundaries
Sometimes boundaries need to be enforced with your pet—and this applies to keeping them off furniture as well! If you catch your cats on the couch or other pieces of furniture they’re not allowed on, don't yell at them; instead, gently pick them up and put them down somewhere else where they are allowed (like their bed!). Doing this consistently will help teach them what is and isn’t acceptable behavior around the house.

No matter how cute they are, cats can do some serious damage when left unchecked around our homes! But with a few simple steps—like providing better alternatives for scratching and enforcing boundaries—you can easily keep cats from tearing up your precious furnishings. So relax knowing that both you and your furry friends can live happily ever after in harmony!

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