Is Milk A Healthy Cat Treat?

We've all seen cartoons and heard stories of cats lapping up bowls of milk, but is this a wise decision for the health of your feline friend? Let's dive into the answer.

Is Milk A Healthy Cat Treat?

The Pros of Milk for Cats
Milk can be an excellent source of calcium, protein, and essential fatty acids. It can also provide cats with additional hydration throughout the day. Some cats love the taste of milk and will lap it up every chance they get. All in all, there are some benefits to a small bowl of milk here and there.

The Cons of Milk for Cats
Unfortunately, while cats may enjoy the taste, many cats are lactose intolerant—similar to humans who have difficulty digesting dairy products like yogurt and cheese. If a cat drinks too much milk at once, they may suffer from stomach upset or diarrhea. Additionally, as cats age their ability to break down lactose decreases significantly so even if your cat could tolerate it before, they might not be able to now.

What Should You Do?
In general, you should avoid giving your cat large quantities of cow’s milk as it can lead to digestive issues later on in life. But if your cat enjoys an occasional sip here and there, that’s likely ok! Just keep an eye out for any potential signs that too much dairy isn't agreeing with them - such as excessive vomiting or diarrhea - and adjust accordingly! Be sure to consult with your vet if you have any questions about whether or not certain foods are right for your pet!

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