How to Give Your Cat a Pearly White Smile

Have you ever seen a cat with pearly whites? It can be done! With the right approach and attitude, you too can give your cat a clean, healthy smile. Brushing your cat’s teeth may seem like an impossibility, but it is possible and easier than you think. Here’s everything animal owners need to know about brushing their kitty’s teeth.

How to Give Your Cat a Pearly White Smile

Start Early and Make it Fun
The best way for cats to get used to having their teeth brushed is by introducing tooth-brushing at an early age—while they're still kittens. Start by letting them sniff the toothbrush and toothpaste so they become familiar with the texture and smell. Once they get comfortable, start gently brushing their teeth using small circular motions and reward them with treats during or after brushing as a positive reinforcement.

Use Toothpaste that's Specially Formulated for Cats
It's important to use toothpaste that's specially formulated for cats—not humans—because human toothpaste contains ingredients that could be harmful if swallowed. Look for flavors like tuna or chicken that cats will enjoy more so they don't get bored or put off while brushing.

Be Patient
Brushing your cat’s teeth is not going to happen overnight; you have to be patient and persistent, especially when starting out. Don’t give up too easily; if your cat starts getting nervous or aggressive take a break from brushing their teeth until the next day, then try again gradually increasing the time each day until you can brush all of their teeth in one session without any issues.

Learning how to brush your kitty’s teeth takes patience and consistency, but once you get into the routine of doing it regularly, it will become second nature! Brushing your cat's teeth twice a week can help prevent oral diseases such as gingivitis while also keeping their breath fresh and giving them pearly white smiles! So what are you waiting for? Get started today on giving your furry friend fresh breath and those perfect pearly whites!

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