How to Give Medicine to Your Cat (Without Breaking a Sweat)

Giving your cat medication can be a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be. With the right tools and some patience, you can give your furry friend medicine without too much stress or struggle. Let’s look at some tips for giving cats their medicine without breaking a sweat.

How to Give Medicine to Your Cat (Without Breaking a Sweat)

Prepare Everything Ahead of Time

Having all of the tools and supplies you need ahead of time will make everything go more smoothly. You’ll need a pill pocket (or something similar), a few treats, your cat’s medication, and a syringe if the pill needs to be given by mouth. Try to get everything ready before you attempt the actual process of giving the medication so that you aren’t scrambling around in search of things while your cat is trying to flee!

Choose A Pill Pocket
Pill pockets are an amazing invention that help keep pill-giving stress-free. Pill pockets come in two main varieties – those made with real meat or fish and those made with vegetables. Most cats prefer the real meat flavors but it never hurts to offer both options just in case! Pill pockets are designed with an opening large enough for the pill to fit into and then stick together, so your cat won't even notice that there's medicine inside. All you have to do is place the pill inside the pocket and offer it up as a treat!

Use A Syringe If Needed
If your cat's medication needs to be given by mouth, then using a syringe is often necessary because many cats won't willingly take liquid medication from a spoon or dropper. Syringes come in different sizes depending on how much medicine needs to be administered, so make sure you know exactly how much medication your cat needs before purchasing one. Once you have what you need, fill the syringe with liquid medication (no more than what is prescribed by the vet) and hold gently onto your cat's head while pressing gently on its neck skin near its chin area until its mouth opens slightly (this will help keep them from spitting out or licking off any medicine). Then slowly insert the syringe into their mouth and squeeze gently until all of the liquid has been released – do not inject forcefully as this could cause harm! Once finished, give your kitty lots of praise!

Giving cats their medicine does not have to be stressful or difficult. With these tips in mind, pet owners should find administering pills or liquids easier than ever before! Remember - always talk with your veterinarian first if possible before attempting any type of home care for cats as certain medications may require different instructions than what we've outlined here today. Good luck and happy medicating!

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