Giving Your Cat Medicine, Easier Than You Think!

Let’s face it, medicine time for your cat isn’t the most exciting part of being a pet owner. But, believe it or not, giving your cat medication doesn’t have to be a nightmare. With just a few simple steps and some patience, you can make this process go much smoother. Let’s learn how!

Giving Your Cat Medicine, Easier Than You Think!

Step One: Disguise the Medicine
Cats are smart creatures and they know when something isn't quite right. If they are able to catch the scent or taste of their medication, they will most likely refuse to take it. To avoid any potential issues and make sure that your kitty takes their medicine without any problems, try hiding it in their food or treats. It's best to use wet food since dry food won't mask the smell as effectively. You could also try mixing it in with a spoonful of canned tuna or another type of seafood-based treat.

Step Two: Prepare for Potential Problems
It's important to be prepared for any potential problems when giving your cat medication. Make sure that you have gloves and all other necessary items before administering the medication so you can act quickly if needed. Don't forget to also stock up on supplies like gauze pads and hydrogen peroxide in case of an emergency – these items can help reduce discomfort and keep infections at bay if your cat accidentally gets a hold of their medication during the process. Lastly, having a partner there who can help restrain your cat while you administer the medicine is always helpful too!

Step Three: Administer The Medication
After you have prepared everything, you are ready to give your kitty their medicine! First off, talk softly and calmly to them as if nothing out of ordinary was happening – this will help keep them calm while they take their medication (or at least attempt too!). Then open up their mouth by gently pushing back on both sides with two fingers until you see the opening in between their teeth - this should create enough room for you to drop in the pill or liquid medicine into their mouth. Afterward, close their mouth and gently rub around its neck area - this will help trigger swallowing reflexes which will help ensure that all of the medicine is taken properly!.

Giving your cats medicine doesn't have to be stressful as long as you follow these simple steps! By disguising the medicine in wet food or treats and arming yourself with proper supplies beforehand, administering medication should go much smoother than expected – making both you and your kitty happy! With patience and practice, soon enough giving your cats medications won't seem so intimidating anymore! So don't let fear stand between you and providing proper care for your furry friend; remember that providing basic medical care is essential for keeping them healthy and happy! Good luck!

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