Cats Chewing: Why Do They Do It?

Ever find yourself wondering why your cat likes to chew on things they’re not supposed to? Whether it’s cords, plants, or shoes, cats have a habit of chewing on things that aren’t meant for them. Let’s explore why cats do this and how to help prevent it.

Cats Chewing: Why Do They Do It?

It Could Be Natural Instincts

Cats are natural predators which means their instincts make them prone to chewing and biting things. This behavior is actually quite normal for cats, especially when they are younger and still learning about their environment. Chewing helps with teething pain in kittens and can also be used as an outlet for energy release. 

They Could Need Mental Stimulation

Boredom can cause cats to seek out entertainment in the form of chewing. Cats need mental stimulation from activities such as puzzles, playtime, and interactive toys. Without these outlets for mental stimulation, a bored cat may become destructive by chewing on whatever objects they can find around the house — including those they shouldn’t be! 

Nutritional Deficiencies May Be at Play

Cats who don’t get enough nutrients may end up chewing on whatever items they can find as a way to satisfy their hunger. If you notice your cat seems hungrier than usual or has started eating anything in sight (including objects), consider offering them more food or switching their diet up slightly. Additionally, older cats may suffer from dental trouble which makes it difficult to eat hard foods like kibble – leading them to chew on softer objects instead.

Chewing is an instinctive behavior that cats use for comfort and exploration purposes. Though it can be annoying when our furry friends chew on something that isn't meant for them, there are ways we can help discourage this behavior without harming our beloved companions! By providing plenty of mental stimulation through games, puzzles, toys and interactive play time as well as ensuring nutritional needs are met with a healthy diet filled with essential vitamins and minerals, we can help ensure our cats won't be tempted by all those off-limit items around the house!

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