Cat Care in an Apartment - Tips for a Purrfectly Happy Home!

Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences. Cats are great companions and can bring joy to any home, but if you live in an apartment, there are some special considerations to keep your kitty safe, healthy and happy. Here are some tips for cat care in an apartment.

Cat Care in an Apartment - Tips for a Purrfectly Happy Home!

Provide Enrichment Activities

Cats need stimulation and exercise just like we do! Provide scratching posts, climbing towers, and interactive toys such as feather teasers or puzzle feeders that require your cat to solve problems to get food rewards. You can also create activities by playing with your cat with a wand toy or teaching them tricks. This helps keep cats physically active while providing mental stimulation. 

Create Kitty-Friendly Spaces

Cats love perching on high spaces so consider investing in window perches or shelves for cats to climb up and relax on. Cats also love hiding spots; try adding cardboard boxes, small tents, and tunnels around the house so they can feel secure when napping or playing hide-and-seek with you! It's important to create these safe spaces even if you have multiple cats because it allows each cat their own area to sleep and play away from other cats or people.

Provide Accessible Litter Boxes

Litter boxes should be placed in accessible places that are not too close to eating areas (especially if you have more than one cat). It is also important to scoop out the litter box at least once a day, as well as replace the litter every few days or so depending on how often the box is used. Finally, make sure that all litter boxes are large enough for your cat(s) so they don’t feel cramped when using them! 

Cat care in an apartment is possible with some extra thought about creating a kitty-friendly environment. Providing enrichment activities such as scratching posts and interactive toys will help keep your cats active while creating designated spaces for sleeping/hiding/climbing will help keep them feeling secure in their new home. Make sure all litter boxes are accessible but not too close to eating areas and scooped daily for optimal cleanliness. With these tips your fur baby will be purring happily in no time!

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