5 Myths About Cats That Need to Be Busted!

Cats are mysterious, elusive creatures—so it’s no wonder that so many myths have been created about them over the years. Unfortunately, these myths can lead people to believe false or outdated information about cats and how they should be cared for. Let’s take a look at five of the most common cat myths and bust them with facts!
5 Myths About Cats That Need to Be Busted!

Myth 1: Cats Always Land On Their Feet
This is probably one of the most commonly-held beliefs about cats, but it’s not completely true. Cats do have some remarkable reflexes that allow them to land on their feet when they fall from heights, but they don’t always succeed in doing this; if their fall is too long or if they are injured before landing, then their reflexes won’t help them land safely. This means that cats should always be kept away from high places which could put them in danger of falling.

Myth 2: Cats Have Nine Lives
This is one myth that has been around for centuries and it’s definitely not true! While cats may seem like they are indestructible due to their agility and resilience, unfortunately they only have the same life as any other animal. This means that cats should always be treated with love and care and provided with a safe home environment where possible dangers can be avoided.

Myth 3: Cats Don't Like Water
It's true that most cats don't enjoy taking baths (which isn't surprising!), but many cats actually do enjoy playing in water - especially if you introduce them to it gradually when they're kittens. It's also true that many breeds of cats are natural swimmers; Maine Coons, Turkish Vans, Norwegian Forest Cats and Bengal cats all enjoy swimming. So while your cat may never join you in the pool for a swim, don't assume that he or she doesn't like water!

Myth 4: All White Cats Are Deaf
While it is true that some white cats are born deaf due to a genetic mutation, this doesn't mean all white cats are deaf - or even more prone to being deaf than other colored cats. The gene responsible for some white cats being born deaf can affect any colored cat - so don't assume your white puss is automatically going to struggle with hearing problems just because of its color!

Myth 5: You Should Never Pet Your Cat Too Much
Most people know better than to believe this myth - but sadly there are still some who think petting your cat too much will make him or her 'spoiled'. In reality, petting your cat helps strengthen the bond between you and your furry friend, so don't hesitate to give him or her plenty of cuddles!

These five myths about cats have been around for years—but it’s time we busted them once and for all! Cats may be mysterious creatures—but there’s nothing mysterious about providing our feline friends with love and care! So next time someone says something untrue about our favorite feline friends—you know what the truth really is! ​​

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