10 Surprisingly Common Signs That Your Cat Might Be Sick - Don't Miss These Warning Signs!

Your cat is a part of your family. Just like other family members, your cat needs love and care. As a cat owner, you probably spend much of your time playing and cuddling with your cat. However, as much as we try to be vigilant, cat owners may sometimes miss the warning signs of illness that their cats exhibit. This is why it is essential to know the common signs that your cat might be sick.

In this article, we'll discuss the ten most common signs that your cat might be ill, so that you can stay on top of their health and provide the necessary treatments if needed.

10 Surprisingly Common Signs That Your Cat Might Be Sick - Don't Miss These Warning Signs!

1. Changes In Appetite: Cats are finicky eaters, and it's not unusual for them to skip a meal here and there. However, if you notice a sudden change in your cat's eating habits, it might be a sign of illness. A loss of appetite can be a signal of an underlying illness and can lead to further complications, seek veterinary help as soon as you notice such a change in their behavior.

2. Changes In Water Intake: Just like changes in their appetite can hint at their health conditions, any changes in your cat's water intake are essential to monitor. A decrease in water intake might indicate kidney or urinary bladder problems.

3. Changes in Litter Box Pattern: Every cat owner knows their cat's litter box pattern. If you notice any deviation from their normal pattern, such as not using the litter box or straining to urinate, it could indicate a urinary tract infection or blockage.

4. Hiding: Cats frequently hide in places such as behind couches, curtains, or underneath beds. However, if your cat withdraws more frequently or for longer periods than usual, it could be because they are ill or in pain.

5. Hair Loss: Hair loss in cats is not uncommon, but when it becomes excessive or from certain areas of their body, it can indicate underlying health problems such as an allergic reaction or a more severe condition.

6. Behavioral Changes: Cats' behavior changes over time, but if these changes are sudden and not typical of them, such as losing their agility, lethargy, and not responding to play, such changes could be a sign of illness.

7. Vomiting and Diarrhea: Vomiting and diarrhea may not be uncommon in cats, but if it is consistent and accompanied by other signs like changes in your cat's appetite and water intake, then it might be a sign of illness that needs treatment.

8. Coughing and Sneezing: While sneezing might be normal for cats, persistent coughing, repetitive sneezing accompanied by discharge from the nose, and other respiratory symptoms could be an indication of a respiratory infection.

9. Changes in Eyes Appearance: Changes in the eye appearance like cloudiness, discharges, or swollen eyelids can be an indication of underlying health problems. Such problems may be a sign of a bacterial or viral infection or even feline leukemia.

10. Changes In Fur Colors: If you notice changes in your cat's fur color, such as yellowing or significant discoloration, it could indicate underlying health problems.

As a cat owner, it's essential to know the common signs that your cat is ill. The ten signs mentioned above aim to provide you with early warning signs to look out for in your cat. As always, if you suspect that your cat is ill, seek veterinary help.

Your veterinarian will help identify the underlying problem and suggest the appropriate treatment to keep your cat healthy and happy. Remember, never take any chances with your cat's health – keep an eye out for any warning signs and act accordingly.

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